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Gateway to Working Life

Are you looking for summer job? Or place for internship? What about company to make your thesis for? Come to Gateway to Working Life event!


Gateway to Working Life recruiting event is event where organizations come to TAMK to meet their future talents. The organizations are offering different kinds of work, internship and thesis opportunities for students plus a chance to communicate with them. Tamko and sub-associations are bringing a great amount of companies to TAMK's main campus from different sectors. 

Fair catalogue 2023

From this fair catalogue you can find companies which have informed in advance that they hire English speaking people.

However we encourage international students to tour in the

event and talk with all the companies and look for different opportunities!


Check out companies introduction texts, click the links and

get ready for upcoming Gateway to Working Life- event!

In addition to touring and chatting with the companies there is also many things happening at the event!

The programme for the 2024 Gateway to Working Life will be updated here later.

Here is how to make the most out of Gateway to Working Life- event:

How to prepare for the event?

Think about whether you currently need a future internship, a summer job, a more long-term job, a teaching subject, or perhaps several of these. For example, you can print a CV in advance, which you can hand directly to representatives of different companies. I also recommend preparing a short elevator pitch about yourself that will allow you to make a good first impression of yourself: who are you, what are you studying, what experience do you have, what are you looking for and what are you aiming for in the future?

How to act at the event?

Visit the corporate stands at the event, explore what kind of activities they have and what kind of vacancies they offer. Tell them who you are and whether you are currently looking for a job, a thesis subject or a internship. If your needs meet, ask how you can apply for that place. In addition to visiting the stands, take part in trainings and ancillary events, go get a professional photographer’s CV picture of yourself, and grind your CV to perfect condition with TAMK’s career services stand.


Check out the companies that participate in the event in advance and list the top 5 to whom you want to present yourself. Explore corporate websites in advance and you’ll give instantly an professional image of yourself.

Take advantage of PorttiBingo and collect stamps to get yourself a prize!


Gateway to
Working Life

Great opportunity to find new talents for the comppany!

Gateway to Working Life (finnish name : Portti Työelämään) is a recruiting event for TAMK students where local and national organizations come to TAMK to meet their future talents. Event has been organized since 2010. In Gateway to Working Life organizations are offering different kinds of work, internship and thesis opportunities plus a chance to communicate with them.


The event is organized by Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko) in cooperation with TAMK’s recruiting services, Student Associations and clubs.

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